A New Foundation in Cell Transplantation

Cells as Therapy

The use of living cells as drugs offers a new and proven opportunity to improve the standard of care for patients with few to no treatment options. For patients diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening conditions who are refractory, meaning they do not respond to traditional interventions with small molecule or biologic drugs, cell therapy may be the only option.

Tacitus Therapeutics’ guiding principle is to focus development efforts on next-gen stem cell therapies that offer curative potential, a clear underlying mechanism of action, and potential for future improvements. To achieve this we bring together leading experts and partnered institutions alongside our platform technology for stem cell expansion, differentiation, and engineering.


LT-RC: long-term repopulating cells; IT-RC: intermediate-term repopulating cells; ST-RC: short-term repopulating cells

Our Goals

  1. Develop qualitatively and quantitatively superior grafts
  2. Improve short- and long-term engraftment
  3. Achieve durable hematopoietic and immune reconstitution
  4. Improve survival in adult transplant recipients