Developing Best In Class Therapies

Our Pipeline

Cell Therapeutics

Tacitus Therapeutics has pioneered proprietary cell manufacturing technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change how cell therapies are used for treating cancer and other severe diseases refractory to traditional small molecules or biologic drugs.

Scientific Rationale

Tacitus Therapeutics’ guiding principle is to focus development efforts on next-gen stem cell therapies that offer curative potential, a clear underlying mechanism of action, and potential for future improvements.

Product Technology Cell Type Indications Collaborators
HSC100 Stem Cell Expansion Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) HEMATOLOGICAL MALIGNANCIES MSSM; NYSTEM
MEG100 Stem Cell Differentiation Megakaryocytes Thrombocytopenia MSSM
HSCs for Gene Therapy Stem Cell Engineering HSCs & Other immune cells Immune Cells

MSSM = Mount Sinai School of Medicine

NYSTEM = New York Stem Cell Science