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Mount Sinai

School of Medicine

Mount Sinai technology for expansion, differentiation, and engineering of therapeutically relevant hematopoietic stem cells is exclusively licensed to Tacitus Therapeutics to target blood cancers and related clotting disorders. The trial for HSC100 is being conducted at The Mount Sinai Hospital. HSC100 is in an open-label Phase I clinical trial in the U.S.1 for treatment of hematological malignancies in up to 17 patients. For more information on HSC100 clinical trials, please visit


New York State Stem Cell Science

Drs. Hoffman and Iancu-Rubin are pioneers of bone marrow cell therapy treatments, and development of this technology was enabled by the New York State Stem Cell Science program, NYSTEM. As a New York State Department of Health initiative, NYSTEM awarded a $1 million grant to Dr. Hoffman in 2010 that supported the original research underpinning this platform technology.  In 2015, NYSTEM awarded Drs. Hoffman and Iancu-Rubin an $8 million grant2 to translate the technology from the laboratory into the clinic, where it is currently in clinical trial.

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