Next-Gen Stem Cell Therapies

About Us

Tacitus Therapeutics, headquartered in NYC, is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to pioneering best-in-class therapies using proprietary cell expansion, differentiation, and engineering platform technologies that overcome the limitations of traditional cell transplantation.

Our Mission

  • To advance the highest quality cellular therapeutics targeting patients with blood cancers and related life-threatening disorders.
  • To establish world-class therapeutic cell manufacturing as the foundation for a pipeline of advanced therapeutics.
  • To provide new treatments that fundamentally improve the standard of care for patients who do not respond to traditional treatments or otherwise have limited options.
Tacitus New York City

At a Glance


HSC100 is an investigational therapy based on hematopoietic stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood (CB).


MEG100 is a preclinical stage umbilical CB-differentiated allogeneic megakaryocyte therapy.

Hematologic malignancies are cancers that affect the body’s blood, bone marrow, or lymphatic systems. They are the fifth most commonly occurring cancers and the second leading cause of cancer death. The most common forms of hematologic cancers include leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

Thrombocytopenia is a medical condition that occurs when a patient does not have enough platelets in his or her blood, resulting in a high risk for bleeding.